Entrepreneurs Conferencing Events

Entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the business world for the first time will need to accumulate a lot of advice to get them started. Attending one of the many high profile events that are held each year in London is a great way to do this. These conferences are led by a whole host of key figures in the business world, who are ready and willing to pass on the tricks of the trade to attentive audiences. Attending a conference is also a great way to do a little networking and make connections that will help you develop your business from strength to strength. Here are details of some of the most prominent entrepreneurs conferencing events that are held in the city of London.

The Cass Entrepreneurship Conference is held each year in the Cass Business School in Moorgate, which can be found on Bunhill Row in EC1. The conference is held by the Cass Entrepreneurship Society, who runs a series of similar events that allow attendants plenty of time to mingle and network as well as pick up valuable information from key speakers. The time of each conference is generally kept to less than two hours and feature talks from three inspiring entrepreneurs. Speakers that have appeared at the Cass Entrepreneurship Conference include Levi Roots, EMI Music UK President Andria Vidler and Jessica Ratcliffe.

The London Funding Conference is an annual event that is held in the British Library Conference Centre in Euston, NW1, to help address and find solutions to the issue of funding. The conference typically lasts for five or six hours and takes place in a stylish and spacious meeting room. This conference is ideal for young entrepreneurs who plan to start their own business and have yet to secure funding. Experienced speakers such as Luke Johnson, David Kaskel and Roger Fenwick lead a series of well-planned talks on the pitfalls of attempting to set up a business without the correct amount of planning and funding. Topics covered include Funded Help for Growing Businesses, Making the Deal Work, a Legal Perspective and Government Support for Entrepreneurs.

Perhaps the largest entrepreneurial event of the year is the Annual London Business School Entrepreneurship Conference, which will be held in the middle of the year in the Bloomberg Auditorium, situated in Finsbury. This vibrant and extremely educational event kicks off early in the morning and lasts for a full day. As always, attendance is expected to be high this year and a wide range of topics will be covered by keynote speakers. In addition to listening to talks on topics such as the trials and hazards of starting a new business, how to apply for funding and how to market the business, attendants will also be offered hands on practice and advice.

One particular highlight of the previous Annual London Business School Entrepreneurship Conferences has been the Business Plan Competition Final Presentations. These teams typically feature five teams, who present their business plans to a panel of professional judges. There is a special cash prize available for the best business idea and this is a great idea for attendants of the conference to practice forming and presenting a business plan.

People who want to get the most out of these conferences will want to make sure that they go along with an open mind. This is the perfect time to make contacts and connections that could come in very useful later, so attendants will want to make sure that they come across as confident and take the time to meet and mingle with the other attendants after the main talks have been held.