Starting A Business In East London

East London made headlines in 2012 as the host to the Olympic Games. Much of the area has been recently redeveloped to provide the Olympic stadium and village, as well as the supporting infrastructure such as transport links. This means that there are myriad opportunities for entrepreneurial investment in the run up to the Olympics, but also after they have taken place.

A key part of the UK's proposal to hold the Olympics in East London was that it would be a catalyst to significantly redevelop the area. As well as providing swathes of attractive green space and a much improved transport network, the Olympic Village will provide contemporary housing for thousands of local residents. All of this adds up to a better place to live and work which means that anyone investing in the area will reap the benefits of the redevelopment work while also enjoying some of the most attractive rental rates in London.

For those looking for a shorter term investment to capitalise on the 2012 Olympics, then you may want to consider a range of business opportunities including satisfying the procurement needs of the Olympic organisers. London2012 is providing helpful advice for companies who are interested in supplying the Olympics. This might interest you if your company provides anything from takeaway food through to temporary agency staff.

If East London is one of the places that you're considering investing in, then here are some issues that you may want to consider. The UK is a key gateway to the rest of Europe and East London is very well connected by road, air, rail and sea. Internally, it has an underground system and overland light rail network. It hosts the City Airport and is also close to Stansted international airport in nearby Essex. It is an area well served by multi-modal ports which are supported with associated logistics parks and extensive storage solutions that include bonded warehouses.

East London has a strong industrial heritage and that continues in a range of business parks throughout the region. There are modern facilities available for every form of industrial activity from light engineering through to contemporary studio space. The business parks are secure and have plenty of parking which can be a major attraction for staff travelling in or working on shift patterns.

There are numerous shopping hubs in East London, ranging from the brand new Westfield centre in Stratford City, through to more established developments like The Mall in Walthamstow. In addition, there are countless retail openings available on East London's thriving high streets. Many residents and tourists come to East London to visit the various famous street markets such as Petticoat Lane and The Roman Road Market, as well as the indoor markets like Billingsgate and Spitalfields. This extra traffic can all increase your potential for attracting passing trade.

If you work in the digital world or other modern technologies, then you might want to consider relocating to Tech World. This is a newly emerging cluster of cutting edge businesses. It includes all types of companies from small start-ups through to well established multi-nationals. Geographically, Tech World is based around the Shoreditch and the Old Street area of London and now extends towards Stratford's Olympic Park. Those working in the banking or media world may want to locate near to sector colleagues in the redeveloped Isle of Dogs, particularly in the contemporary Canary Wharf area which is famous for its huge skyscraper at 1, Canada Square.

There is an enormous amount of support for businesses moving to East London, in terms of helping you to find the right recruits with the right skills, through to assisting you with rent in the early days. The Greater London Authority considers business and economy to be one of its major priorities and they provide advice and support in many ways, from ensuring London has the right infrastructure, through to encouraging international companies to invest. The Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills provides assistance to companies through its Business Link and also through its UK Trade and Investment arm. They provide information on services, funding, staffing and investment across all sectors.