Entrepreneur Workshops

People who are planning to start their own business will need plenty of tips and advice to help them succeed. Attending entrepreneur workshops is an excellent way to get the information you need in a fun and friendly way and perhaps do a little networking at the same time. These workshops are typically run by people who have already successfully navigated their way through the business world and are held in various leading institutions. Here are details of some of the upcoming entrepreneur workshops in the London area and advice on how to get the most out of these workshops.

The professionally run London Entrepreneurs' Challenge workshops are held regularly throughout the year at the University College London in Gordon Square, WC1 (nearest tube stations: Euston Square and Russell Square). They are open to all UCL, London School of Business, Royal Veterinary College, Birkbeck and the School of Pharmacy members. These workshops aim to aid and encourage participants to open their open businesses and include topics such as how to build entrepreneurial teams.

The Clerkenwell Workshops host various events, talks workshops throughout the year and guest speakers are invited to share they knowledge and knowhow with those working in this small business innovation hub in located in Clerkenwell (nearest tube stations: Farringdon and Holborn).

Regular entrepreneur workshops are also held at the Leather Market on Weston Street in Southwark, SE1. This stunning and spacious building is the ideal venue for networking, and in addition to special workshops, a series of meeting and business related events are also held here throughout the year.

Successful entrepreneurs Mike Dickson and Nick Williams regularly run workshops at the Hub Westminster in Westminster (nearest tube station: Piccadilly Circus) under headings such as Inspiring a More Generous World. These workshops usually last for just one evening and are aimed at inspiring potential entrepreneurs to enter the business world with generosity.

The Tuke Building of Regents College in Regents Park, NW1 also regularly hosts entrepreneur workshops. Among the regular speakers at these workshops are Sarah Alexander and Nick Williams, who both concern themselves with impressing the importance of tapping into inner strength and power to use in the business world. Other venues that regular host these types of workshops include International Students House on Great Portland Street and the University of London on Malet Street (nearest tube stations: Goodge Street or Russell Square).

These entrepreneur workshops always prove to be popular and are often fully booked several weeks in advance. People who attend an entrepreneur workshop can expect to benefit in a number of different ways. Attendees typically report that their revenues go up, while others report an increase in effectiveness and productivity. The workshops also help attendees to feel more confident about the future of their business and in control.

However, people who want to get the most out of these workshops should prepare themselves carefully before attending. It is important to pick a time when you can be completely focused and not distracted by outside pressures. Make sure that you have room in your schedule to fully commit to the workshop, otherwise you are likely to be distracted and end up missing valuable information and messages.

Each entrepreneur workshop is different, so it is a good idea to take a look at what is available before signing up. Make sure you choose a workshop that focuses on an area that you need to develop such as networking or time management. Taking clear and comprehensive notes that you can refer to in the future is also important. Different people take notes in different ways, so make sure you pick the style that best suits you. Some people find that they remember the information better if they write it down, while other people prefer to record the workshop on a small tape recorder so that they can listen to it again in their free time.

Feeling relaxed and confident will also make it easier to digest the information from the workshop and interact with the other attendees. Make sure you pick an outfit to wear that you feel comfortable in. Above all else, approaching the workshop with the attitude that this is an exciting opportunity will help you to get the most out of the experience.