East London's Tech City

East London Tech City (ELTC) is the vibrant technology hub of East London and can be found in the eastern section of the United Kingdom's capital city. Tech City was originally founded at Silicon Roundabout and has spread over areas of Old Street and Shoreditch all the way to Olympic Park, which can be found in the Stratford area.

A large number of prominent organisations such as Facebook, Google, McKinsey & Company, Vodafone and Cisco Systems are all based at East London Tech City and have contributed a large amount of investment into the scheme. East London Tech City also caters to small start-up innovative businesses and multinationals hailing from all over Britain and other parts of the planet.

ELTC is managed and maintained by the Tech City Investment Organisation, who are known as TICO for short. This organisation is devoted to creating investment opportunities in the area. Innovative technology devoted companies who are looking for a break and advice on how to get started can turn to TICO for help and advice, and a number of special seminars and other events are held throughout the year.

East London Tech City offers a wide range of opportunities to both large corporations and individual workers. The great thing about this area is that it offers a whole host of employment and business opportunities in one place. Networking is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success in the fast paced and extremely competitive modern business world, and ELTC with the aid of the Tech City Investment Organisation give companies the tools that they need to succeed.

ELTC first opened its doors for business back in 2008. At this time just 15 companies were involved. However, Prime Minister David Cameron decided to develop this area back in 2010 and appointed Eric van der Kleij as head of the initiative. The project proved to be an overwhelming success, and in less than a year more than 200 high profile corporations had decided to relocate to the area, bringing a lot of business and prosperity to the eastern sector of London.

Financial giant Barclays has recently agreed to produce a brand new facility exclusively to facilitate the technology corporations that are based at East London Tech City with specialist banking services. A number of other prominent British companies have also offered their services recently such as British Telecom (BT), who have announced plans to provide the hub area with superfast broadband. In addition, there are plans for Cisco Systems to launch an Innovation Centre within the heart of Olympic Park. This Innovation Centre will be devoted to technical excellence and will be an extremely welcome addition.